RPSA, a nonprofit youth organization of students who partake pharmacy, organized a four weeks debate tournament that was concluded on Thursday 22nd December 2016 by awarding  the winners.

The school of medicine and pharmacy comprises of four departments namely Pharmacy, Medicine, Clinical Psychology and Dental surgery and throughout the debate, all departments were represented. The debate topics were awe-inspiring and quite out-moving, as it included various topics concerning specifically Medicine field and others that challenged debaters and participants to think out of the box.

Debating team

Final Debating team

The coordinator of this debate Fabrice HUMURA observed “Every language is learned by power of practicing, listening, writing and most outstandingly speaking. Comparing to where we should be as University students in English proficiency, we are still behind. RPSA embarked on this debate to create that environment where students can learn more from each other by practicing and the target will be achieved as time goes by since the plan is underway.”

The debate knock out kicked off in the school of Medicine and pharmacy premises and 24 debaters grouped into 8 teams gave themselves a try to compete for the crown.  Final debate competition took place in Main auditorium of Huye campus where the vice chancellor of University of Rwanda graced the tournament with his presence felt with power as the rest of students from the campus joined. Extra-curricular activities such as debate display immense opportunities to students from which they acquire skills of public speaking, building confidence, critical thinking, researching to name just a few which later exclusively gained by students.

Vice-Chancellor OF University of Rwanda, Prof. Philip Cotton urging the Students to develop their skills and to be proud of the only public University in Rwanda.

Vice-Chancellor of University of Rwanda, Prof. Philip Cotton. Here, he was urging the Students to develop their skills through different platform including debates and to be proud of the only public University in Rwanda.

After having a great insight on debate initiative and how it started in the school of medicine and pharmacy, RPSA president Mr. Alphonse MBARUSHIMANA highlighted how they envision to have the debate done at university level and keep the spirit of helping the students to use their auxiliary time wisely.  The final debate concluded by the awarding ceremony in which the winners of the debate, Football, Basketball and Volleyball Champions were awarded.

RPSA president Mr. Alphonse MBARUSHIMANA

RPSA president Mr. Alphonse MBARUSHIMANA

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  • Dean of College of Medicine and Health Science (CMHS) Dr. Rulisa Stephen